Smart Light - iPhone Square Light Case
Smart Light - iPhone Square Light Case
Smart Light - iPhone Square Light Case
Smart Light - iPhone Square Light Case

Smart Light - iPhone Square Light Case

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Maybe you are tired of taking dark selfies or photos with poor clarity and low quality. Maybe you do meetings in zoom or you spend time on facetime or love photography, whatever the case is you really need this.

With our 
Ultra-Slim Design, 3 Adjustable Lighting Modes, and 6+ Hours of Battery Life, you will never worry about dark pictures and setting up a ring light again. 
With good lighting, you can avoid dark shadows on your eyes, enhance your facial features, and appear more engaging in dark areas or at night. 

Elevate your beauty with an augmented 3D look plus an element of starry eyes. 


Long-Lasting Battery Life

The Phone Ring Light case lasts up to 6 hours of continuous use! The case completely charges in 30 minutes with any Lightning cable. 


 Protection and Portability

The Phone Ring Light case is protected by a shock-absorbing ABS Shell. The ring light can fold back into the case easily and securely, accommodating you when you’re on-the-go. You can even turn it on when it’s folded to get a front-facing light!


 3 Adjustable light modes

2 Adjustable brightness modes

Alternate between 100% brightness and 50% brightness with the Phone Ring Light case’s Smart Button. 

Standing Function 
The Smart Light Ring Light can be used as kickstand, allowing hands-free, using your cell phone from any angles comfortably.

Getting you an outstanding look when doing makeup, live streaming, YouTube videos, Tik Tok, vlog, selfie and video chat, etc.
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Phone Ring Light case comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee along with FREE Shipping and Returns.

 Technical Specifications:

Product Net Weight - 91 g

Input - 5V / 500 mAh

Output - 3.7 V / 0.35 W

Battery: 250 mAh

Size - 110 * 195 * 28 mm